We’ve revamped our Football Jackpot game for the new season, and it’s now fit for a KING.

The game is very simple:

You just have to choose 1X2 results for the 18 selected fixtures

Get all of them right, and you’ll win the LE 2,500,000,000 jackpot and become the FOOTBALL JACKPOT KING

The entrance fee is just LE 2,000, and you can have as many entries each week as you like.


We also have some regal consolation prizes:

  • 17 correct results: LE 50,000,000

  • 16 correct results: LE 10,000,000

  • 15 correct results: LE 2,000,000





Football Jackpot Rules

1. Jackpot bets are accepted up to 15 minutes before the first game of the coupon starts. If the first game starts at 15:00 the deadline for submitting the Jackpot ticket is 14:45.

2. Once the Jackpot selection has been recorded in the Betting platform, the Jackpot selection cannot be cancelled or amended.

3. The Results of all matches are based on standard 90 minute betting (Overtime, Golden Goals, penalty shoot outs are not included).

4. Postponed/cancelled fixtures: A game shall be deemed cancelled or postponed if kick off does not take place within 24 hours of the scheduled start time. If one fixture is considered postponed or cancelled, the complete Jackpot will be deemed void and all stakes refunded to player accounts.

5. The Jackpot will be resulted within 24 hours of confirmation of the result of all Jackpot matches.

6. We reserve the right to request that full verification details be supplied from jackpot winners.

7. Jackpot winners agree to their photographs, images and names be used in Company promotional material (eg Social media, newspapers).

8. We reserve the right to pay any jackpot by means of bank transfer or cheque.

9. The Jackpot winnings are gross of tax. Meaning all Jackpot winnings will be subject to tax and the winners will have to pay all tax deductions attached to the winnings.

10. Each jackpot player will be eligible for 1 consolation prize per week only regardless of the number of tickets eligible for a consolation prize.