250% Extra Cash with our MEGA BONUS!

Make the most of your bets and increase your winnings by up to 250% in cash with our Mega Bonus. Place your bet of 5 selections or more at minimum odds 1.20 and if it’s a winner we’ll give you up to a massive 250% EXTRA!


The below table shows the possible bonus amount on your winnings depending on how many selections you choose:

Selections BONUS
5 5%
6 6%
7 7%
8 8%
9 9%
10 10%
11 15%
12 20%
13 25%
14 30%
Selections BONUS
15 35%
16 40%
17 45%
18 50%
19 75%
20 100%
21 125%
22 150%
23 175%
24 200%
25 Selections 250% BONUS

BONUS Terms and Conditions
  1. Open to all players who place a qualifying bet from 10th June 2020.
  2. You must place a minimum bet of LE 5,500 on any 5 selections or more up to 25 selections at minimum odds 1.20 per selection to receive a percentage increase on your winnings.
  3. Only cash bets will qualify for the bonus (bets placed with bonus funds or Free Bets will not count).
  4. Settled bets only. Cashed out or voided bets will not count.
  5. Your bonus winnings will be applied only if your bet is a winner.
  6. The maximum bonus amount that will be paid per winning bet is LE 265,775,000.
  7. Bonus winnings will be paid in cash (no wagering requirements).
  8. Bonus is applied only to the winnings, excluding initial stake.
  9. Bonus example: for a 8-fold bet with total odds 10.00 and 1.20 min. odds per selection, the bonus percentage is 8%. If your stake is 10,000 UGX, then your bet winnings will be (Stake x Odds - Stake) = (LE 10,000 x 10.00 - LE 10,000) = LE 90,000. Your 8% Bonus is applied to the winnings, so your Bonus value will be Bonus x Winnings = 8% x LE 90,000 = LE 7,200.
  1. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to exclude individual players from the bonus if we suspect collusion or abuse of the offer.
  2. We reserve the right to withdraw and/or change the promotional terms and conditions/material relating at our sole discretion, and any decision with regard to the winnings offered.
  3. We may, at our sole discretion, exclude any customer from receiving selected promotions (e.g. guaranteed best price; bonuses; free bets; enhanced prices; and money-back specials) and any other promotions and offers.
  4. General T&C’s apply