Mercury Lotto

Welcome to Mercury Lotto

Sierra Leone’s own Instant and Live Lotto is here to give you fun and thrilling moments throughout your day. Mercury Lotto consists of endless amount of games throughout the day, each one taking roughly 10 minutes to complete. As soon as one finishes, another immediately begins. Our Mercury Lotto Lobby also has 17 simultaneous lotto games happening in 4 studios. The results are accompanied by our lovely international hosts who help clarify the scores and the winners. All the Mercury Lotto ticket bets are easily inputted in the ‘easy-to-use’ betslip. We accept Voucher payments or AfriCell payments.

Mercury Lotto Payment Methods

How to deposit money for Mercury Lotto?

Create an account if you’re a new player by selecting the top right ‘Register Button’. Fill in the details and follow through the process until you successfully registered. Once done, select the deposit button on the top right corner of your screen. Follow the steps and enter the necessary details. Choose which payment method you prefer to use and follow the steps to deposit. For more detailed and step-by-step instructions, please visit our FAQ Section

How to play Mercury Lotto?

You can either play the current game that is being displayed by simply entering a combination of numbers, place your stake and select the ‘bet’ button. You can browse through the different games and studios that are available by clicking the burger menu on the top of the ‘game screen’. A drop-down will be visible, offering you to either choose one of the other games or change the studio.

Can I enter multiple Mercury Lotto games?

Yes, you can enter multiple games in different studios and view all the results in the ‘tickets menu’. From this menu, you can view your total winnings, Draws played and stakes from multiple games and studios.